Positive birth Stories

Aimme's Story

As a plus size mummy to be I was faced with lots of challenges in my pregnancy and I couldn’t find any positive information or stories on plus size pregnancies or births. So here is my positive plus size story. 
When I found out I was pregnant I was booked at my midwife office and advised I would be under a consultant due to my high bmi despite having no other health issues. I was told I wouldn’t be able to go full term or have a natural Labour because my weight made me high risk and there could be numerous complications. Thorough out my pregnancy I had numerous tests such as a glucose test to see If I had gestational diabetes and blood tests galore and being healthy they all came back fine. 
I wanted to know more about pregnancy and labour and I wanted to be able to take some control back as I felt the medical professionals were putting me in a box. I know they have to prepare for the worst but my body had given them no reason to Doubt it. 
I booked onto Ellie’s hypno birth course and it gave me the confidence to question and challenge my birth choices. Armed with knowledge at my next consultant appointment we decided together that I was to be induced and a epidural would be put in place early into labour as a safe guard in case they needed to take me to. Theater and I was happy with this. It was my birth and my decision and luckily my consultant worked with me and not against me. Although she did keep a close eye on me and I seemed to live at the hospital but I didn’t mind because I got to see my baby lots. 
My pregnancy was quite text book minus a little blip when I got covid and my baby was showing to be small but this didn’t stop me sticking to the plan we pushed for monitoring and not a early c section which was what was on the cards If baby didn’t grow anymore. But he picked up and all was systems go with my induction on my due date as they couldn’t justify bringing him on early. 
So I was booked in to be induced on my due date the 3rd September 2021 and was excited to meet my son however when I arrived at the hospital they were to busy to induce me and because I was to be induced on labour ward as being classed as high risk due to my BMI they didn’t have a midwife spare to look after me (I got 1 on 1 vip treatment). So I went home with a bitter sweet feeling. I returned the next day and was taken on labour ward where they explained the induction process. I had 3 hormone pessary fitted before anything started to happen and on day 4 they were thinking of breaking my waters the following day but they went on there own at 4.30am the contractions came quite soon after and I went from 3cm dilated to 10cm very quick at this point gas and air was my friend and helped me regulate my breathing. I was calm and trusted the professional but I trusted my body knew what it was doing. Once my epidural was in situ we had a hour to chill until we would start pushing and when I say chill that’s what it was my husband have the midwife my birth plan so we were all on the same path she even commented it was a perfect birth plan haha. We had my favourite  play list on and my hubby kept me laughing, at this point I was excited to think my baby is on his way. When the hour passed we started pushing and it was all going to plan. It was all laughing and music and relaxed just what I wanted and the midwife and luke kept telling me he was fine that I was doing amazing and how Much hair they could already see and it really spurred me on to get my baby here! I felt like a warrior. After a hour I couldn’t quite get his head out as quick as they wanted so they asked if they could make a small cut so it made it easier for him to Come out. The incision was made and the next push his head was here and one more big push and my baby boy was born. The best moment of my life. 
I do truly believe if I had not been on the hypno birth course my experience would have been totally different. I always feared birth and the unknown of it all but being powered with knowledge and learning about the body and birth I found the whole experience positive. Don’t get me wrong I had pain and the induction taking so long was frustrating but I wouldn’t be be scared to do it all again. Trust your body this is what we are designed to do! (one on my mantras) 

Sarah's Story

There were some concerns about how well my placenta was working so decided to be induced at 39+4. This wasn’t the birth i had hoped for but knew it was the right decision. At 11am I went to hospital and had 30 minutes of fetal heart rate monitoring before being induced at 12pm. I went for a long walk around the hospital and for a hot drink with my birth partner. While walking about I start to get period type pains but didn’t want to get too excited that something was happening as I knew induction could be a long process. When back on the ward I had some paracetamol and played cards to pass the time. At 6pm visiting time was over so my birth partner had to go home, the aching type feeling started to increase so I had some codeine and listen to music. 
By 7pm I developed a temperature and started to feel quite unwell and the aching had turned into regular contractions. I had fetal heart rate monitoring again that shown the babies heart rate was very high so the pessary was removed and I was transferred to labour ward to have antibiotics and one to one care. 
On labour ward I was given an injection to slow my contractions down and gas and air. After the antibiotics and fluids I started to feel better, I rang my birth partner to come and between contractions I was chatting to the midwives. By this time i didn’t feel the need to use gas and air so stopped. The fetal ejection reflex was strong, my body was pushing the baby out without me having to do anything. I know it wouldn’t be long until he was born. At 9.50pm he was born my labour lasted 2 hours, I couldn’t believe it after everything I heard about induction. 
I think being prepared and learning as much as I could about birth really helped. 

Emma's Story

Thursday 26th August – 5pm ish had dull contraction after getting back from Leam shopping, had a couple more then tailed off after some toast 

10pm waters gently broke in bed at home 

Phoned hospital and went in to check, confirmed waters broken and booked in to be induced next day at 10pm if nothing progressed naturally 

Friday 27th August  – Headed to hospital for 10pm 

Went onto ward and Tom left late evening, was told I’d stay in for monitoring now until I had baby, not much happened overnight 

Saturday 28th August – Tom back to hospital at 11.30am 

Started having contractions but not regular yet, didn’t need pessary as I was 1-2cm dilated already 

Lots of back rubs when having contractions, held onto end of bed and stood up as much as I could as the pain seemed less than if lying down, drank lucozade energy, water and snacks when I felt like it 

Managed pain with paracetamol, codeine and had a warm deep bath. Bath didn’t help and I had a contraction in there straight away 

Got out bath and back onto heart rate monitor machine 

5/5.30 ish was 4-6cm dilated and labour ward was called to say we were coming down. 

Edie’s heart rate dropped massively to 50 and didn’t return to normal straight away. Lots of people rushed in and I was petrified of losing her and just cried, the midwives were amazing and assured me everything would be ok 

Rushed down to labour room 7, straight on the monitor and Edie’s heart rate returned to normal, what a panic that was 

Had hormone drip to regulate and intensify contractions. Started at 0.6ml, went up to 1.2ml, then up to 2.4ml. Was very intense and strong contractions on 2.4ml, lowered to 1.2ml again for a bit. Had gas and air for pain relief which helped for a while, then had pethidine injection which didn’t feel like it did anything. I needed more pain relief so asked for an epidural, was told Dr’s were very busy and it would be a wait so paperwork was left with us. I didn’t get the epidural before it was time to push so found something inside me to just realise she would be here very soon if I concentrated and focused on what I needed to do. 

Sunday 29th August – 1.52am after some pushing for around 1-2 hours Edie Jean Whyte arrived 

Her head took a while to push out, kept popping in and out as contractions came and went. Then felt her shoulders come out and the midwife turn her. The rest of her body slid out. It took a few backs rubs and a pat from the midwife and we heard a cry. The sense of relief was just indescribable and something I will never ever forget. Edie was then wrapped up and was placed on me. 

Cord was left a while and then clamped, Tom cut it and then did skin to skin with Edie 

I was given an injection in my leg to get the placenta out and with a gentle push, it was out 

I had a 2nd degree tear but didn’t want to be stitched after having so many drugs and pain, I just wanted to be left alone. The midwife who came round the next day agreed this was probably the best decision so I’m glad I made that one. 

Edie had her first bottle after being cleaned up and I was happy that breastfeeding wasn’t pushed on me as it’s not something I wanted for us 

Edie had to go under the heat lamp for a bit as she got a little chilly 

Tom had to go home in the morning, I had tea and the best toast ever!! 

Lots of obs, top to toe check, and Edie was absolutely fine and so was I, we’d done it! 

12.30ish we got to leave hospital and go home that very same day. 

Anna's Story

This was my 4th baby and after attending the course I was hopeful of a water birth using gas and air only. As with lots of plans this wasnt to be the outcome but I was prepared for change as discussed on the course so wasnt too disheartened. I suffered with pelvic girdle pain and sciatica as well as a previous back injury so my pregnancy sadly wasnt as smooth sailing as I would have liked. By the time I was 39 weeks it was agreed I would be induced due to the pain I was in. They started the induction with a pessary which meant contractions started within a few hours but began to come very quickly and were rather strong. It turns out I had a reaction to the pessary and this was then removed and I was given an Injection to stop the contractions, but this is a very rare side effect. I have to say I found the breathing exercises helpful here ! The following day they broke my waters and despite having some contractions they were not becoming stronger or closer together and therefore it was felt the drip would be the best option. I had already decided that I wanted the epidural if I were to be put on the drip and therefore they administered the epidural.
8 hours after having the drip my beautiful baby girl was safely delivered and I was fortunate to be able to go home the same day as all was well with me and baby. The course meant that both myself and my partner were a lot more prepared on the birth process and what was normal and what wasnt. It also meant it opened up the conversation about what I felt I needed from him during the process and I believe he felt more included as we knew what we wanted and didnt want during the birth.


I had a planned caesarean due to concerns over baby’s size. I made this decision to ensure that I had control of my birthing experience.

On the day, we got to the hospital for 7:30 and were signed in. We then had a bit of a wait to discuss our preferences with the midwife and the surgical team. They were so accommodating!

We had a long wait due to being last on the list – but went in about 1:30. It was a bizarre experience just walking into theatre and sitting on an operating table! My husband was able to stay with me for pretty much every step of the way – even despite COVID. During the spinal, I used my breathing to stay calm and it was not as bad as I thought it would be! After laying down on the heated (!) table, I noticed a Santa poster on the wall opposite me, this will be one of my lasting memories – absolutely not what you expect to see in theatre!!

When inserting the catheter, the midwife was amazing at respecting my privacy. They made a point of ensuring that only necessary people were on the business end. The surgeon even went to walk round and was told to step back 😂 The anaesthetist talked me through each step of the process and baby was born a matter of minutes later. They dropped the screen for his birth, which was amazing!

We were able to have our own playlist on during theatre. Baby was born to ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay. We requested delayed cord clamping and immediate skin to skin. Baby was checked over, but not wiped down or washed immediately after birth, and Dad cut the cord, skin to skin was then able to happen. Initially during our conversations, we asked for dimmed lighting and were told that this could not happen. However, when in theatre, the scrub nurse offered to turn off any unnecessary lights from the birth onwards – this was after reading our printed birth plan which was kept with our notes – amazing!

I was only separated from my husband and baby for the final part of the operation where they moved me onto another bed etc. During this time, probably about 5 mins, my husband had skin to skin with Baby. In recovery, skin to skin with myself resumed.

I was later separated from my husband but not Baby whilst being transported onto the ward – due to COVID my husband was not allowed to go through the staff corridors – he was actually up on the ward before me though 😂

We were able to go home the next day and recovery was FAR better than I could’ve imagined!